Father's Day Ideas...

A few more ideas for dad in case you're still looking...
The first two ideas come from marthastewart.com She's got a whole bunch of great ideas but these were my favorite.
I really want to make this cute frame for my husband but I'm going to wait until after I have a printed picture of M3. Perfect frame for him now that we have 3 little ones! I've got the template printed & ready to go. We'll see how soon he gets it!
I also thought these cards were so cute... maybe an idea for next year?!!
And who can forget the golden #1 Dad trophies from last year?! They were so fun to make & it looks great on my husband's desk. Find the tutorial HERE... M1 looks so young! What a difference a year can make.
Happy Father's Day this weekend to all the dads!
Enjoy the celebrations! s.b.

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