Father's Day Poem

We made it... tomorrow our little M3 will be born via c-section. I am soooooo excited & anxious but couldn't leave with out some Father's Day posts this week. (I've planned ahead a bit!)
M1 loved posing in the weekly belly shots. Here we are just a day or so ago...all ready for our new addition!
I have one more Father's Day post that I'll post later this week, but until then...This was crafted a week or so ago. I was really trying to think ahead since I knew Father's Day would come just after M3's arrival. We may have to give it to him a bit early since he'll see this post, or BEG him not to look :)  A cute Father's Day poem with a string to hang in his office...

Supplies- Construction Paper or Foam Sheets, Foam Letters, Markers, Scissors, Hole Punch, Ribbon.
1. Use a piece of construction paper or in our case, a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of colored foam for the base of the poem.
2. Punch two holes in the top that will later be used to tie the string for hanging.
(If you don't have a punch, the string could just be glued or taped onto the back as well.)
3. Place the letters to spell "DADDY" down the center of the base. (Obviously, this could be Dad, Daddy, Father, Grandpa, etc.)
And if you don't have foam letters you can write them boldly with markers/crayons. It would also be cute to search for the letters in a magazine & glue them down! Just another idea...
4. Together with the little ones, brainstorm words that describe Daddy. Our girls had so much fun with this. And oddly enough, most of the things they said worked with the letters. I did have to prompt them for a few!
5. Write the describing words across the base so that they line up with the coordinating letter. (Pictured below)
M1 is writing below...
Hard Worker
Always Fun!
6. Cut a piece of ribbon & tie the ends at each of the holes.
7. Make sure to have the little ones sign their names @ the bottom. Or write it for them if they're too small like M2. She does enjoy scribbling & thinking she's writing though :)
Done & ready to be wrapped for Daddy... hope he likes it!
Enjoy! s.b.

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