Father's Day Trophy

Good morning all! Father's Day is coming up this weekend. We're looking forward to spending the day together after Daddy goes golfing in the morning. (His one request other than being with the girls!) I found this ADORABLE trophy craft HERE @ Kaboose. A project that I couldn't pass up doing with M1. She also was nice enough to let M2 paint for a bit, so they both contributed to the gift for Daddy. I've found that it's still hard for M2 to sit still long enough to do some of the more time consuming projects. She does love watching for a bit in between playing or whatever she's up to at the moment.
You can find the complete tutorial HERE as listed above or you can follow my directions. I did do a few things differently since I didn't have all of the suggested materials.
Supplies- *Blue & White Construction Paper, *Scissors, *Gold Craft Paint, *Glue Gun, *Tape, *2 Small Paper Cups, *1 Bar of Soap Box, *Paint Brush, *Gold Pipe Cleaners, *Black Marker
1. First of all, the paint did not stick to the paper cups at all! Probably due to the fact that there's a small coat of wax on the outside. So.... in an effort to help the paint coat better I covered the cups & the soap box with white paper as seen below.
*To make covering the cups a bit easier, I cut a cup so the outside would lay flat. Then I traced that so it the white paper was the exact size of the cup.
Covering the box....
2. Once it was all covered, M1 & I went ahead and glued the three pieces together. We used a glue gun.
3. M1 then got her brush ready & began painting. She was super excited about the shinny gold paint. It "looked so sparkly!"
4. Then I used the blue construction paper to cut out a two inch number "1."
5. M1 glued it to the trophy.
6. Let the trophy sit for a few minutes to dry before moving forward.
7. Cut one gold pipe cleaner in half & then fasten it to the trophy as seen below using the glue gun.
8. Add a small personalized "plate" to the front bottom of the trophy to personalize. We chose for ours to read "Worlds Best Dad." You could write whatever you wish.

And, done! A great gift for dad. M1 can not keep a secret AT ALL & I knew that my husband would look at the blog before the weekend, so we chose to give it to him a bit early. He's one happy Dad & is looking forward to displaying on his desk @ work. He definitely is the Worlds Best Daddy! xoxo

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