Moving Day! We have so much to do today, it's a little overwhelming... but we're super excited. This morning I logged into facebook to take a peek & saw this picture a friend of mine had posted. Her twin girls made these & they were too cute to not post.
No tutorial, but they look pretty easy. I'm assuming cake filled cones & printed graphics from the internet. Just adorable. I will definitely make these next year. I think they could even be switched up a bit to make them Christmas treats!
Enjoy your weekend everyone! s.b.


Haunted Halloween Ghost House

Happy Halloween Week! Aside from celebrating Halloween this week, we are also moving into our new home this weekend! We are so excited & can't wait to have our stuff out of storage after 5 months! So I may be a little slow with the blogging the next few weeks, but bare with me... we'll definitely be back!
We did manage to create this Ghost house before packing up all of our craft supplies yesterday.

Supplies-  Uncooked White Beans, Glue, Scissors, Black & Yellow Construction Paper, Sharpie Marker, White Crayon.
1. Cut out a large house using the black construction paper.
2. Inside the house, cut 5-6 windows leaving one side attached. (See Below)
3. Pace glue on the entire back of the house, avoiding the windows. Leave them dry.
4. Place the haunted house onto the yellow paper & push down to secure.
5. Use a white crayon to write the numbers 0-5 on each of the doors/windows. (One number on each window.)
6. Count out 15 beans & use the sharpie marker to draw tiny ghost faces on each bean.
 7. Begin gluing the ghosts into each of the windows according to the numbers on the outside. #1= one bean, #2= two beans, #3= three beans... etc. until all the windows are filled.
 8. M1 did some additional decorating on her Haunted House once the beans were dry & in place, which your children could do as well. She added some grass, a full moon, etc.
 Very cute & they love playing with their Haunted House!
 Happy Halloween to all! Enjoy! s.b.


Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Looking for a festive appetizer to bring to a Halloween gathering? Look no further...I made this pumpkin shaped Carmelized Onion Cheese Ball last year for a Halloween party & am looking forward to making another next weekend.
It turned out so cute & tasted pretty good as well. Added bonus: the orange on the outside is created from crushed Goldfish crackers... a staple in most houses with little ones.
I found the recipe here- Taste of Home 
Did I mention I love Halloween??!!
Enjoy! s.b.

Paper Plate Spider

M1 is terrified of anything that crawls, but she surely enjoyed making this spider! Drying time aside, it was quick & a great way to pass time yesterday morning. I wish Halloween could come 3 times a year!! So fun...

Supplies- Paper Plate, Glue, Black Paint, Paint Brush/Sponge, Scissors, Black/White Construction Paper, Black/Gold Pipe Cleaners, Stapler & Scotch Tape.
1. Start by painting the under side of the paper plate black. Allow to dry.
2. Once it's dry, fold the paper plate in half.
3. Tape the black pipe cleaners to the right & left side of the bottom half of the plate. (3 on each side. I also cut them each in half so they weren't too long. **If you don't have pipe cleaners, you could use thin strips of black paper.)
4. Fold the plate in half & secure by stapling around the edges.

5. Create spider eyes by cutting out large white circles & small black circles. (M1 glued them together.)
6. Glue the eyes onto the spider.
7. Bend the gold pipe cleaner into a silly shaped mouth & glue on. (If you don't have one, you could use a different colored paper, colored ribbon, etc.)
8. Allow to dry.
I wish all spiders were this cute! Enjoy!...s.b.


Lunch Bag Pumpkin

It's always fun to bring some of my past classroom projects back & do them with the girls. This paper bag pumpkin project was always a favorite & it was fun to see the different pumpkins that were created. I had to give my girls a little  more assistance with this one.. but as usual, it can be modified for little ones of any age.

Supplies- 1 Small Brown Paper Bag, Orange/Green Paint, Paint Brush/Sponge, Green Pipe Cleaner or Green Ribbon, Glue, Black Construction Paper, Scissors & Newspaper
1. Crinkle up a few sheets of newspaper into a ball shape.
2. Stuff the bottom of the paper bag with the newspaper balls.
3. Tie the bag shut 3/4 of the way up with a green pipe cleaner or green ribbon.
4. Begin painting the lower 3/4 of the bag orange until it's covered to the little one's liking... M2 definitely didn't even come close to covering her's but it looked great.
5. Continue by painting the top portion (above the tie) with the green paint.
6. Cut out two triangle eyes, a triangle nose & a jack-o-lantern mouth using the black construction paper. (I did this for M2 but if you have older children you could allow them to create their own shapes for the face.)
7. Glue them into place.
Finished... allow time to dry.


Handprint Fall Colors Tree

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. I could craft fall stuff all day long! This week the girls (with my assistance of course!) created fall trees using their cute little hand prints.

Supplies- Colored Paint, Glue, Scissors, Brown & White Construction Paper & A Green Crayon.
1. Trace & cut out your little one's hand and arm print. (A small amount of the arm must be traced to create the "tree trunk".)
2. Glue the brown hand/arm print to a 8x11 piece of white construction paper.
3. Using the fall tree colors (red, yellow, green, brown, orange) begin dipping little fingers into the paint & stamping them onto the paper to create small colored "leaves."
*We used one color at a time & I washed their fingers off with a damp towel in between colors.
4. Once we were done with the paint, M1 wanted to add a little grass to her picture. Of course monkey see, monkey do...M2 had to make some grass under her tree as well! (Using a green crayon.)
5. Allow to dry.
M1 on the left & M2 on the right...LOVE it!!!
Enjoy! s.b.


Paper Apple Tree

We are still talking about & eating a lot of apples around here! The girls can't get enough of them, so this week we crafted an apple tree. M1 did most of this one, although M2 helped crinkle up the "apples."  This is a craft that I did with my classroom while teaching kindergarten. I've seen several different variations but it's always a hit...

Supplies- Glue, Toilet Paper Roll, Green Construction Paper, Red Tissue Paper Squares (about 1 inch) & Scissors.
1. Cut out a "tree" using the green construction paper.
     2. Begin crinkling up the square pieces of red construction paper to create little "apples."
3. Place small dots of glue all over the green tree.
4. Once you've got a good amount of glue dots, begin placing the "apples" on the dots until all the dots are covered. Allow to dry.
*If you don't have red tissue paper, the "apples" could also be created using painted red fingerprints, stickers or marker dots.
5. Cut two small (1 inch) slits across from one another in the side of the toilet paper roll.
6. Once the apples are all dry, slide the green construction paper into the small slits of the toilet paper tube.
 So easy & very cute...
Enjoy! s.b.

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