Paper Apple Tree

We are still talking about & eating a lot of apples around here! The girls can't get enough of them, so this week we crafted an apple tree. M1 did most of this one, although M2 helped crinkle up the "apples."  This is a craft that I did with my classroom while teaching kindergarten. I've seen several different variations but it's always a hit...

Supplies- Glue, Toilet Paper Roll, Green Construction Paper, Red Tissue Paper Squares (about 1 inch) & Scissors.
1. Cut out a "tree" using the green construction paper.
     2. Begin crinkling up the square pieces of red construction paper to create little "apples."
3. Place small dots of glue all over the green tree.
4. Once you've got a good amount of glue dots, begin placing the "apples" on the dots until all the dots are covered. Allow to dry.
*If you don't have red tissue paper, the "apples" could also be created using painted red fingerprints, stickers or marker dots.
5. Cut two small (1 inch) slits across from one another in the side of the toilet paper roll.
6. Once the apples are all dry, slide the green construction paper into the small slits of the toilet paper tube.
 So easy & very cute...
Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. We made these with our art group a few weeks ago and they were a big hit! Looks like your little one had fun too :0)

  2. Thanks for sharing.. great IDEA especially with all this rain we've been having here.. lol.. Cute Blog!
    I’m your newest follower Happy Tuesday!!
    I would love for you to stop by...

    Lisa C.