Handprint Fall Colors Tree

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. I could craft fall stuff all day long! This week the girls (with my assistance of course!) created fall trees using their cute little hand prints.

Supplies- Colored Paint, Glue, Scissors, Brown & White Construction Paper & A Green Crayon.
1. Trace & cut out your little one's hand and arm print. (A small amount of the arm must be traced to create the "tree trunk".)
2. Glue the brown hand/arm print to a 8x11 piece of white construction paper.
3. Using the fall tree colors (red, yellow, green, brown, orange) begin dipping little fingers into the paint & stamping them onto the paper to create small colored "leaves."
*We used one color at a time & I washed their fingers off with a damp towel in between colors.
4. Once we were done with the paint, M1 wanted to add a little grass to her picture. Of course monkey see, monkey do...M2 had to make some grass under her tree as well! (Using a green crayon.)
5. Allow to dry.
M1 on the left & M2 on the right...LOVE it!!!
Enjoy! s.b.


  1. I needed a craft for thur. Now I got it! Thanks. Will link back when we do it

  2. Q. idéia mais linda! Bjo, leíse/allegroartes.