Lunch Bag Pumpkin

It's always fun to bring some of my past classroom projects back & do them with the girls. This paper bag pumpkin project was always a favorite & it was fun to see the different pumpkins that were created. I had to give my girls a little  more assistance with this one.. but as usual, it can be modified for little ones of any age.

Supplies- 1 Small Brown Paper Bag, Orange/Green Paint, Paint Brush/Sponge, Green Pipe Cleaner or Green Ribbon, Glue, Black Construction Paper, Scissors & Newspaper
1. Crinkle up a few sheets of newspaper into a ball shape.
2. Stuff the bottom of the paper bag with the newspaper balls.
3. Tie the bag shut 3/4 of the way up with a green pipe cleaner or green ribbon.
4. Begin painting the lower 3/4 of the bag orange until it's covered to the little one's liking... M2 definitely didn't even come close to covering her's but it looked great.
5. Continue by painting the top portion (above the tie) with the green paint.
6. Cut out two triangle eyes, a triangle nose & a jack-o-lantern mouth using the black construction paper. (I did this for M2 but if you have older children you could allow them to create their own shapes for the face.)
7. Glue them into place.
Finished... allow time to dry.


  1. Oh how I love your kids craft ideas. So do my kids! Thanks a ton!

  2. This is cute! I want to do this with my first graders!