Paper Plate Spider

M1 is terrified of anything that crawls, but she surely enjoyed making this spider! Drying time aside, it was quick & a great way to pass time yesterday morning. I wish Halloween could come 3 times a year!! So fun...

Supplies- Paper Plate, Glue, Black Paint, Paint Brush/Sponge, Scissors, Black/White Construction Paper, Black/Gold Pipe Cleaners, Stapler & Scotch Tape.
1. Start by painting the under side of the paper plate black. Allow to dry.
2. Once it's dry, fold the paper plate in half.
3. Tape the black pipe cleaners to the right & left side of the bottom half of the plate. (3 on each side. I also cut them each in half so they weren't too long. **If you don't have pipe cleaners, you could use thin strips of black paper.)
4. Fold the plate in half & secure by stapling around the edges.

5. Create spider eyes by cutting out large white circles & small black circles. (M1 glued them together.)
6. Glue the eyes onto the spider.
7. Bend the gold pipe cleaner into a silly shaped mouth & glue on. (If you don't have one, you could use a different colored paper, colored ribbon, etc.)
8. Allow to dry.
I wish all spiders were this cute! Enjoy!...s.b.

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