Haunted Halloween Ghost House

Happy Halloween Week! Aside from celebrating Halloween this week, we are also moving into our new home this weekend! We are so excited & can't wait to have our stuff out of storage after 5 months! So I may be a little slow with the blogging the next few weeks, but bare with me... we'll definitely be back!
We did manage to create this Ghost house before packing up all of our craft supplies yesterday.

Supplies-  Uncooked White Beans, Glue, Scissors, Black & Yellow Construction Paper, Sharpie Marker, White Crayon.
1. Cut out a large house using the black construction paper.
2. Inside the house, cut 5-6 windows leaving one side attached. (See Below)
3. Pace glue on the entire back of the house, avoiding the windows. Leave them dry.
4. Place the haunted house onto the yellow paper & push down to secure.
5. Use a white crayon to write the numbers 0-5 on each of the doors/windows. (One number on each window.)
6. Count out 15 beans & use the sharpie marker to draw tiny ghost faces on each bean.
 7. Begin gluing the ghosts into each of the windows according to the numbers on the outside. #1= one bean, #2= two beans, #3= three beans... etc. until all the windows are filled.
 8. M1 did some additional decorating on her Haunted House once the beans were dry & in place, which your children could do as well. She added some grass, a full moon, etc.
 Very cute & they love playing with their Haunted House!
 Happy Halloween to all! Enjoy! s.b.

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