Button Flower Pot

Wow, it definitely finally feels like summer has arrived. We went from TONS of rain & cool weather to 86 and humid this week. Sounds great, but not when you're less than two weeks away from having a baby & carrying around a basketball in front of you!!! Luckily today provided some relief.
But thanks to the warmer weather the flowers are in full bloom & the neighborhood yards are looking great. I have to keep reminding M1 & M2 not to pick people's flowers! Here is a flower craft we made this week that included some sorting as well.
Supplies- Construction Paper, Glue, Markers (opt.), Scissors, Colored Buttons
1. Trace your little one's hand onto a green piece of paper & cut out.
2. Using the color/pattern of your choice, draw a flower pot (as shown below) & cut out as well.
Here are the two I cut out for M1 & M2. I used some patterned craft paper to add a little fun.
3. Glue the paper hand print onto a solid piece of construction paper.
(My girls chose to use blue like the sky.)
4. Glue the flower pot directly beneath the hand print.
5. Allow your little one to sort through the buttons choosing 5 to be used as their "flowers."
M2 loved this. She spent about 10 minutes sorting through them & in the end we had piles of sorted buttons. It was like two activities in one!
6. Glue a button to the end of each of the fingers, as shown below.

Allow some time for them to dry completely & you're done.
Tiny little button topped fingers that make an adorable flower pot!
Enjoy. s.b.

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