The Final Countdown!!!

Ahhh, we've made it 9 full months & now we're down the the final countdown until little M3 arrives. Over the weekend we made an official countdown to make it a little easier for M1 & M2 to understand the timing of when she'll arrive. (I'm scheduled for a c-section, so unless she decides to arrive early we're pretty sure of her official birth date!) The girls are enjoying the countdown & are taking turns ripping the days off as they pass. It's definitely something they look forward to each morning & it really has helped them understand when she'll arrive. AND I'm not getting the "Mommy, is today the day M3 is coming out?" questions 5 times a day anymore!!! Obviously, not all of you are having baby countdowns... BUT this is still a great time to make a countdown of your own. Countdown to the last day of school, a family vacation, a birthday, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Here is M1 gluing our countdown together... 
Then I wrote the title across the top since she thought it was too much for her to write... she can get lazy at times!
M1 wrote all of the countdown numbers on the small square pieces of paper...
Still writing & practicing her #'s...
Then we fastened the numbers onto the piece of construction paper. We used small pieces of paper that were already part of a note pad so we only had to glue down the bottom one. Otherwise you could just place a small dot of glue on each square of paper to glue them together...the smaller the dab the easier to rip them apart! A stapler always works well too.
And here is M1 holding the finished countdown...we're down to 8 days now! Waaaa Whooo!
I'm going to try to keep up with the blog posts, but if you see a small lag... I apologize. I'll get back into it before you know it!
Enjoy! s.b.

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