Healthy v.s. Not Healthy Food Cut-Out Activity

A fun activity to get the little one's minds thinking about food. I feel like all my kids want to eat lately is JUNK! So this morning, the girls & I did this activity. Very easy & it was a great way to spark a good conversation about what foods we should be eating throughout the day!

Supplies-  Paper Plates, Scissors, Magazines, Markers, Glue Stick
 1. On one side of the paper plate write the word "Healthy."
M1 wrote it herself, I wrote for M2... it all depends on your child's age.
2. On the reverse side of the plate, write the words "Not Healthy."
3. Begin searching through magazines for pictures of healthy & not healthy foods.
4. Once your child finds a food, cut it out for them or have them do the cutting. (Again, depends on age.)
5. Glue the picture of the food to the correct side of the plate. 
Here is M1 gluing a picture of milk to the side that reads "Healthy."
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you reach a desired amount of food pictures on each side of the paper plate.
And here she is holding up her finished product...I was happy she chose to show the "Healthy" side.
She did tell me that the foods on the "Not Healthy" side looked soooo delicious!
Enjoy! s.b.

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