End of the Year Teacher Gift

M1 is officially done with 3 year old preschool this week. Just in time for her 4th Birthday on Monday. According to her, it just wouldn't be right to be in 3K as a four year old!!! Fortunately, in her case it works out that the finishes just days before her birthday :)

I wanted to share the picture frame I crafted for her teacher. She was a nurse for years, stayed home with her kids for many years & then went back to get her teaching degree. So... this year is her first year as a teacher. I wanted to make something special for her. She's a terrific woman & has taught M1 oodles of things throughout the entire year. I'll be delighted for M2 to have her as a teacher in another year.

Supplies- Unfinished Wood Picture Frame, Mod Podge, Craft Paper or Ruled Paper, Hole Punch, Paint Brush, Paint, Alphabet Stickers.
1. I began by painting the frame a dark barn red color & allowed a few min. of drying time.
*I got this frame from IKEA. It was a cheap pack of 3 unfinished picture frames that really come in handy when I'm looking for a quick Mod Podge project. I also regularly buy the unfinished wood frames from Michael's Arts & Crafts. Can't go wrong... they're only $1.00!!!
2. While the frame dried, I went ahead & traced the frame onto my piece of craft paper. (I found a piece of paper @ the craft store that looks like a ruled piece of paper. If you don't have one you could just use a plain ruled piece of paper.)

3. Cut out the rectangle & made it just a bit smaller than the face of the frame so some of the red paint would show around the edges.
*Below I layed it out just to be sure it fit correctly.
4. Use the Mod Podge and apply a layer to the entire face of the frame.
5. Lay the craft paper on top of the face of the frame over the Mod Podge glue. Be sure to press down around the entire frame to get any bubbles out & get it flat.
6. I usually go over the entire surface with Mod Podge one more time once the paper is down to give it an extra layer to secure.
7. Allow an hour or so to dry completely.
8. Use alphabet stickers to apply a message to the frame.
I chose "My First Year" since it's her first year as a teacher. I thought it would make a great memory. Other messages could include "World's Best Teacher" or "I Love My Teacher." You get the idea!
(Also, if you don't have stickers you could use various letters from magazines cut out & glue onto the frame.)
9. Once you've got your stickers in place, apply another thin layer of Mod Podge over the stickers to secure them as well. Allow to dry.
And you're done! What a cute gift... I certainly hope she enjoys it.
I was able to print a picture of the class as well, so it's a finished deal.
M1 is so anxious to give it to her this week & I am still in awe that she's turning 4! Where does the time go??!!
Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. Oh, that turned out so cute! Nice work!! I made a teacher gift with my kids earlier this week to. Love for you to stop by and check it out :) And better yet... link your post up at my For the Kids link party!!