Spring Flower Picture

We are still having WAY below normal temperatures here & are anxiously awaiting some warmer weather! Today we got the feel of a warm spring day by crafting this bright flower picture.

Supplies- Colored Construction Paper, Patterned Scrapbook Paper, Glue, Scissors, Colored Buttons
1. Cut eight-ten small strips (about 5-6 inches long) to be used for the flower pedals.
2. Repeat with two other colored papers as pictured below.
3. Place a small dot of glue at the end of the paper strip.
4. Bend the strip of paper around & pinch it closed to form a circle, as pictured below.
5. Repeat with all of the strips of paper.
M1 loved doing this & it was GREAT for her fine motor skills. It took a few for her to get the hang of it but once she got going, she loved it!
Here are all of our paper circles...
6. Glue a button to the base piece of paper. (We used blue "like the color of the sky" says M1)
7. Begin gluing the paper circles around the button to create a flower.
8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 with the remaining two colored flowers.
9. Use green paper to create long stems for each flower & glue them underneath each blossom.
10. We added a few extra green buttons for the leaves of each flower & M1 insisted on a yellow sun button as well.
Turned out pretty cute. I may have M1 write Happy Mother's Day on the top as a gift for one of the grandmas this weekend. Hope some of you are enjoying warm weather this week!
Enjoy! s.b.