Gumball Machine w/ Template

Here M2 and I made a gumball machine using this printable Gumball Machine Template. Easy craft that involved a sorting activity as well. It was a lot of fun for us both.

Supplies- Glue, Printable Gumball Template, Scissors, Foam Shapes, 1 Piece of Construction Paper, Crayons.
1. Print the Gumball Template.
2. Pour out a bunch of shapes & have your little one sort out all of the CIRCLES only. These will be used as the gumballs.
*If you don't have foam shapes, you can simply use construction paper to cut out colored circles for the gumballs.
(M2 sorting & picking out all of the circles from the bag of foam shapes...)
3. Cut out the gumball machine & glue it to the colored piece of construction paper.
4. Begin gluing the small circles, one by one, onto the gumball machine placing small dots of glue on each circle.
5. Scatter the circles inside the gumball machine until it is full.
6. Color the gumball machine with crayons.
M2 enjoyed the sorting & the ease of this craft. Hopefully your little one will as well!
Enjoy! s.b.

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