Basketball Hoop

NCAA Basketball continues Thursday. M1 & M2 don't have a choice if they want to watch or not... their daddy is in charge of the t.v. when the games are on :) They've gotten into it a bit & enjoy cheering for the teams that their dad needs to win for his bracket!
Here M2 & I created a basketball hoop making it up as we went... it resembles a hoop right??!!

Supplies- Blue/Red/White/Black Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors, Black Marker, Ribbon, Red Pipe Cleaner, Orange Foam Circles (Alt. Orange Construction Paper)
1. Use an entire piece of blue paper as the base of the hoop.
2. Use the white construction paper to cut out a backboard (pictured below).
3. Use the red paper to cut out a small red square for the back board & also a red circle to be used for the hoop. *We used a red pipe cleaner & made it into a circle.
4. Glue the white back board to the upper half of the blue paper.
5. Cut a thin black strip of paper for the basketball hoop pole.
Glue it underneath the back board.
6. Glue the red square on top of the back board.
7. Glue the red hoop right underneath the back board as pictured below.
8. Cut the white ribbon into small strips & begin gluing them underneath the hoop to create the appearance of a net. (If you don't have white ribbon, you could cut small strips of white paper to achieve the same look.)
9. With the black marker, draw the lines of a basketball on the small orange circles.
(We used foam circles but orange construction paper circles would do the trick as well. Lots of options here!)
10. Glue the basketballs around the hoop where ever your little one desires.
And there you have it... a basketball hoop.
M2 was so very proud of this & couldn't wait to show daddy & M1 when they got home. She'll be parading around the house with it once the games start up again I'm sure!
Enjoy! s.b.

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