April Fools Food Pranks... A few of my favorites!

April Fools Day can be so fun for little ones... I never had anything like this when I was little. Fun treats to make the holiday even more enjoyable with out ending up wet or angry that someone tricked you! Look @ this... sushi that I can actually eat while prego!!! Love it!
These Faked Potatoes aren't an edible treat but fun to play with any pretend kitchen...
The next best thing to Mc Donald's hamburgers (in my children's eyes!)...
Family Fun has a HUGE list of Food Pranks (both edible & non) for little ones including the ones pictured above. I didn't have the best luck finding clear pictures, but you get the idea. I wish I could make them all. Added bonus is most of them are sweet treats, my favorite right now! The Rice Cereal Meat Loaf looks hilarious & so real. Be sure to check it out. A good treat to "fool" the dads!
Also, this Appealing Prank looks like a great one to start the day...our girls love a banana with breakfast...
What do you have planned for April Fools Day tomorrow?
Enjoy! s.b.

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