Yellow Easter Chick

Our 1st Easter craft this spring...Now if the weather would just warm up a bit so it would actually feel like spring! The girls were excited that this particular chick had moving arms!

Supplies- Yellow/Orange Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors, Tape, Google Eyes, Brass Fasteners, Yellow Feather.
1. Cut out a large egg shape for the body, a diamond shape for the beak & two small orange legs.
2. Trace two little hands on the yellow construction paper & cut out.
3. Use the brass fasteners to attach the hands to each side of the body for the wings (large oval).
*These fasteners were super cheap @ Michael's... if you don't have them handy, just glue the hands (wings) to the side of the chick. He'll still be just as cute w/o moving arms!)
(Closing the fasteners to complete the attachment)
4. Turn the chick over & glue on the eyes. (If you don't have google eyes, small construction paper circles can be used in their place.)
5. Fold the orange diamond shape in half to create a small beak. Glue it beneath the eyes.
6. Glue the legs onto the bottom of the chick.
7.. Use a small piece of scotch tape to fasten the feather to the top of the chick (on the backside).
And he's done! M1 & M2 enjoyed flapping the little wings by moving them up & down.
Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. This is really cute. We might try a few of these this evening. Thanks for sharing. I don't think my kiddo is in the right mood for paint, so this craft will be just perfect.