Cute Valentine Printables

It's official, we've made it to February & today was our first morning placing a small sticker on our Countdown to Valentines Tree.
Only 13 more days until the big day of LOVE celebration. With that being said, I wanted to share these...
Adorable Valentine printables that I printed for M1 & M2 yesterday. I found them on the Crafts & Sutch blog. Here is the link... Valentine Printables
I plan on giving each of our girls a little valentine message each day leading up to February 14th, when they'll both get a special valentine present.
Both girls were thrilled to get their first little message this morning & have been carrying the small notes around with them where ever they go all morning. (M1 even brought hers to school this a.m. in her pocket!) And if your little one goes to school all day, they'd be a great little addition to a lunch box as well.
Enjoy! s.b.


  1. So cute! Thanks so much for sharing these. Love your adorable blog:)

  2. Thank you so much for showing me off today! I'm so happy your kiddos love these as much as I do. :) Little notes and messages can sure go a long way to making someone fell special. :)

    I adore your blog and have been following you since I found it last year. :)

    Have a wonderful week!