Valentine Love Bugs

This has always been one of our favorite books to read to the girls...
Love Bug by Sandra Magsamen. We could read it a hundred times a day, M1 & M2 love the very end when we tickle them like crazy. After reading it a few times this morning, we created our own little love bugs...or butterflies, but who's paying attention?!

Supplies- Glue, Colored Construction Paper, Scissors, (not pictured) Scotch Tape, Pipe Cleaners, Paint, Paint Brush, Toilet Paper Tube, Google Eyes (or a small circle of black paper for the eyes), Black Marker
 1. Paint the toilet paper tube the desired color.
(*If you don't have paint or don't feel like painting, have your little one wrap the tp tube with construction paper instead.)
2. While the tube dries a bit, cut out the love bug wings using a piece of construction paper.
Fold the paper in half & be sure that the bottom of the heart connects to the fold, as pictured below.
3. Glue the wings to the back of the tp tube. (We also placed a small piece of tape over the top to help hold the wings in place while they dried.)
4. Cut the pipe cleaner in half.
5. Tape a small colored paper heart to the end of each pipe cleaner.
6. Tape the empty end of each pipe cleaner to the inside top of the tp tube, as pictured below.
7. Glue the google eyes to the front of the love bug.
8. Add a smile using a black marker.
9. Decorate the wings with some more paper hearts, attaching them with glue.
And there you've got it... two cute little love bugs!
M2 made hers GREEN & GOLD in honor of the Packers...we're looking forward to the big game this weekend! Go Packers!!!
Enjoy! s.b.


  1. I am following from Canada and have a very crafty 4 year old girl! Not sure where I came upon your blog, but we have done the Valentine's Day countdown calendar and the love bugs (5 of them!!) and my girl loved them! Thanks so much for your creative ideas!!

  2. 5 love bugs! That's great. M1 & M2 have been playing with their bugs every day. It's amazing that they aren't ruined! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog & all the fun crafts!