Valentines Day Countdown Tree

Here is a little something that M2 & I created this week. She really loves anything that involves art & the time when M1 is at school is great for us to craft together. Here is how we made her Valentines Day Countdown Tree...
Supplies- Blue, Red, Green & Brown Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue, Black Marker & Stickers
1. Using the green paper, cut out a tree top shape. (Mine just looked like a chunky cloud.)
2. Use the brown paper to cut a tree trunk.
3. Use the red paper to cut out 14 small hearts.
(I did the prep work myself since M2 is a bit small, but older children could do this themselves if the adult drew the lines to follow while cutting.)
4. Number each of the hearts 1-14 using a marker.
5. Glue the pieces of the tree (trunk & tree top) onto the blue piece of paper.

6. Glue the small hearts all over the tree in no particular order.
And you're done... now we'll wait until February 1st. That's when we'll begin counting down the days until Valentines Day by placing a small valentine sticker, one day at a time, on each of the days until we get to the big day.... February 14th!
Enjoy! s.b.

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