We Love Our Green Bay Packers!!

We are Green Bay Packer Fans so today is a big day! We're having a group of friends over for the game & M1 & M2 are SOOOO excited for the party and to wear their dresses yet again! We're hoping that this isn't the last game of the season & that we get to cheer on our favorite team in the Super Bowl in a few short weeks.
Last night we made these green & gold treats for all to enjoy....
And a few days ago we crafted two of these paper bag footballs...
*The rice krispie treats were made using the regular recipe. We made two batches adding green & yellow food coloring to the marshmallow/butter mixture before stirring in the rice cereal.
Therefore... you could customize these yummy treats to match the colors of your favorite team as well :)

*The football was crafted using these steps...
1. Cut a brown grocery bag into the shape of a football. (You can make it as large or as small as you wish.)
2. Allow your little one to cover the paper with brown paint & give some time to dry a bit.
3. We used a few pieces of black duct tape to create a few small strips for the laces. (Other things you could use include electrical tape, masking tape or white medical tape... the actual laces on a football are actually white :)
4. Place the strips as seen above onto the football to create the appearance of laces.

Football fans enjoy the remaining games & Go Packers!!
Enjoy. s.b.

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