Craft Stick Snow Sled

Lots of snow here @ our house & it just keeps coming. Gotta love winter :) Snow or not, this is a great winter craft for all....
Supplies- Glue (We used Tacky Glue, it works best), Scotch Tape (optional... thought we might have needed it, but didn't!), Ribbon & 7 Craft Sticks
1. Place a thick line of glue across one of the craft sticks & lay it horizontally.
2. One by one, begin placing 5 of the craft sticks across the horizontal stick. I guided M1 a bit so the sticks were staggered to look like a sled, not just straight across.
3. Glue another horizontal line across the craft sticks, right about the other horizontal stick.
4. Place the 7th stick across the glue line.
5. Cut a strip of ribbon about 8 inches long.
6. Dab two large dots of glue right about the horizontal craft stick & place the two ends of the ribbon onto the glue.
7. Allow a few hours to dry completely.
This is what we've been using our sled for here @ our house. M1 & M2 drag their little dolls around on it, it's hilarious! I love their little imaginations.
Enjoy! s.b.

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