Toilet Paper Tube Turkey

We completed our first craft in our new house this weekend. Most of the supplies are unpacked but there is still a lot of organizing to do. Thankfully, this was an easy one that required minimal supplies. M1 is very excited to share her thankful turkey with the family this week!

Supplies- Toilet paper tube, glue, orange pipe cleaner, construction paper, scissors, black marker & scotch tape (not pictured).
1. Cut out a few feathers using the colored construction paper.
2. Using the brown paper, cut out a medium size circle for the turkey head. (Mine was about 3 inches in diameter)

3. Brainstorm with your child a handfull of things he/she is thankful for. M1 decided on Mom, Dad & M2...Books...New House & Her friends at school. She really did think hard about it too!
4. Cut 2- two inch pieces off the end of the pipe cleaner & then cut the remaining piece in half.
5. Wrap the small 2 inch pieces around the end of the longer pieces as shown below to create small "feet" for the turkey. Set aside.
6. Cut out two small white circles for the eyes (we used the marker to create small dots in the center of each eye.)
7. Using the orange, cut out a medium triangle for the beak & with the red paper a tear shaped gobbler as well.
8. Glue all of the pieces to the brown circle head.
 9. Use the tip of the scissors (parents) to create two small holes in the bottom 1/8 of the tp tube. (This is where the legs will eventually be poked through.)
 10. Use the glue to fasten the head to the top of the tp tube (Opposite the holes for the feet in the bottom.. be sure that the head is glued on the same side as the holes so the feet match up with the body!) & the feathers to the back of the tube. (We did use a little scotch tape to help keep the feathers in place... it worked much better than trying to get the glue to stick quickly.)
11. Slide the two pipe cleaner feet through the holes in the bottom of the tube. (They should stay in on their own w/o any glue or tape assistance.)
 And.... it's done! Lots of little steps but very fun for the little ones!
 What are your little ones thankful for?
Enjoy! s.b.


  1. We just made this today! Loved it. Will post about it asap

  2. Great! I love that you always comment & tell me when you're crafting... makes my day :) Enjoy the rest of your Holiday week! s.b.

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