Turkey Day Treats

Hello all... with Thanksgiving quickly approaching I've been working on getting my craft area unpacked & organized so we can get back to business. M1 has been asking to make something & she's enjoyed seeing all of our "old" stuff from our last house as it's being unpacked. We're working on a turkey craft today that I'll post this weekend... don't want to wait too long with Thanksgiving less than a week away!
In the mean time, we've made a trip to the grocery store & are all set to make turkey cookies again this year.
These are our favorite....
 M1 just loves these festive cookies... she's a HUGE fan of candy corn. They always turn out so cute & are definitely a hit with all the little ones. You can find the recipe HERE at Pillsbury.com. I usually just go with whatever I've got at home. Last year I did not have mini M&Ms for the eyes so we just made them with frosting. Still just as cute.

Now, what I'd really love to attempt are these AWESOME turkeys found @ bakerella.com . It's such a fun website & they've done some pretty fun holiday treats. I think anyone would want to gobble them right up!!
I hope you're all having a great week. We're looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree this weekend... An annual tradition while the guys are all hunting! I love this time of year.
Enjoy! s.b.

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