Wednesday's Library Art Project

This is a project that M1 started @ the library yesterday. Our library's story time always ends with a craft. Yesterday's story time was all about ducks, so they finished by creating a duck. M1 didn't finish her duck at the library because the paint wasn't dry, so we brought it home to finish. Super cute & very easy to create with a few at home supplies. Also very appropriate after seeing several ducks on the lake up north this past weekend.

Supplies: *Paper Plate, *Picture of a Duck (Printed from the Internet), *Yellow, Blue & Orange Paint, *Sponge, *Glue, *Scissors
1. Sponge paint the entire paper plate blue & allow to dry.
2. Sponge paint the duck yellow & allow to dry.
3. Optional (M1 chose not to do this step.) Sponge the duck's beak orange.
4. Once dry, cut out the duck.
5. Fold the paper plate in half.

6. Apply a large amt. of glue to the plate.
7. Press the duck onto the paper plate.
8. Allow some time to dry completely.
Done! A cute little duck swimming in the pond.
Enjoy! s.b.

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