M is for Mosaic

I've just started working a bit harder on the uppercase letters with M1. My goal is to have her writing her name by fall when she'll start 3 year old preschool. She knows all of the letters but is no where near being able to write them & really doesn't have any interest in doing it at all! So I thought maybe if I started crafting with the letters she'd show a little more excitement. We'll see... but I decided to start with M since it's the first letter of her name. M is also for Mosaic!
Supplies: *Construction Paper, Printed letter M (I used a Word Document & blew up the letter), *Glue Stick, *Scissors, *Paper Scraps
1. Cut out the letter "M"
2. Glue it to a piece of colored construction paper. (Your child can choose the color.)
3. Press the letter down to secure it to the paper.
4. Allow your child some time to cut several different colored pieces of construction paper. The small cut up scraps will be used as the mosaic pieces. We used some of the paper scraps we already had in addition to the ones M1 cut herself.
5. Use the glue stick to cover the "M" with glue.
6. Place the colored mosaic pieces to cover the entire letter.
7. Allow drying time & DONE!
This project could be done with any letter of the alphabet. It just so happened that M1's name begins with an "M" so that's what we chose. We'll continue on with the other letters of her name & many others over the next few weeks.
Enjoy! s.b.

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