Doctor's Bag

My grandpa is having knee replacement surgery on Thursday so we decided to make him a card. After a little thought, I decided to create a doctor's bag with the girls. It turned out great & my grandpa really enjoyed it. It was funny seeing him walk out the door of our house carrying his "doctor bag!" It wouldn't have to be used as a card, it could just be a fun project for your child to use for play.

Supplies- *Black, Red, White Construction Paper, *Glue, *Scissors, *Medical Supplies (We used cotton balls, Q-tips, Gauze, Tylenol Box, Band Aids, Tongue depressor, etc.)
1. Fold a black piece of construction paper in half to create your card.
2. Cut out two matching handles for your bag. (Pictured below)
3. Glue the handles onto the top of each side of the bag.
4. Cut out a large piece of white paper to create the frond of the bag. (Pic. below)
5. Cut out or color a red cross to add to the front of the bag.
6. Write a message on the front of the card... we wrote "Good Luck Grandpa"
7. Open up the bag & begin gluing in the medical supplies all over the bag. The band aids will obviously just stick in!

8. Because we used ours as a card, we added a little personal message inside.
9. Lay flat & allow an hour or so to dry.
Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. Hi there! Oh this is just too cute, and right on time for us: My almost-one-year old and I are down with a terrible flu and my two-year old daughter is 'nursing' us. I bought her a little nurses uniform last week at a toy store that was closing down, and your medical bag is going to be a hit! If I can keep my head up for another fifteen minutes I will try to make it for her as a surprise for when she wakes up in the morning. LOVE the smile on that last photograph!