A Craft For Moms...Decorative Fabric Boards

As many of you know, we've moved & are temp. living with my parents until our house is built. (Hopefully done early October...HOPEFULLY!) I crafted these fabric boards while still living in our past house to minimize sound in our long upstairs hallway. I loved the completed project & all three of them will definitely have a home on the wall once our new house is complete. They were fairly easy to make & really reduced the echo in our hallway. Plus, they doubled as decorative wall hangings. I had no need for pictures, etc.

Supplies: *3- 3 1/2 foot squares of plywood, *Cotton batting to cover all three pieces, *A staple gun w/ staples (LOTS of staples!), *3 Coordinating pieces of fabric big enough to cover the wood squares w/ extra for folding over the edge, *Hanging kit for each

1. Lay the fabric, print side down, flat on the floor.
2. Lay one piece of batting over the fabric. Be sure there are no wrinkles.
3. Place one of the boards on top of the fabric & batting so the edges hang over.
4. With a second set of hands for help, begin turning the fabric over the wood & stapling it along the edge as you go. Be sure to pull the fabric nice and tight so there aren't any wrinkles when you're finished.
5. The corners get a little tricky, but not too bad. Just continue around the corner stapling down the extra fabric.
6. Once you've stapled all the way around & the fabric is completely secure, the hanging comes next. I used wire & two small eye hooks to hang each board. Screw in the eye hooks about 3 inches from the edges of the boards. (Pic. below)
7. Fasten the wire across the back of the board using the eye hooks.
 8. Use a screw or nail to hang the boards on the wall as shown below.

I loved the finished product. I'm thinking about using the same technique to create a headboard once we're moved in. Looking for something different. Any other ideas??
Enjoy! s.b.


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  2. nice job, have some paper and foam board I am mentally working on for wall art