Faded Alphabet

Finally the rain has stopped...we've had so very few sunny days in the past three weeks. It's definitely nice to see the sun! Hopefully the slow down with the rain also keeps the building of our house moving along.
Here's what we crafted yesterday. Perfect for a cloud-free day!
Supplies- *Black construction paper, *Alphabet magnets, *Tape..not glue!, *Scissors optional in case your little one wants to cut out the letters.
1. Head outside & find a flat place to set the black piece of paper. (We used the patio table.)
2. Use two small pieces of tape to fasten the paper to the surface so it doesn't blow away.
3. Assist your little one in placing the letters right side up all over the paper.
4. Now is the long part. Let the letters sit untouched in the warm sun for at least an hour. (We let ours sit for a few hours. It may depend on how strong the sun is & the time of day.)
5. After the paper has faded, go ahead & let your little one discover the letters on the paper. M1 thought this was so crazy & was so excited to show others!
6. Then it's all up to you. We used the paper to practice letter recognition by saying a letter & having M1 find it. I think after a few days of this game, we'll go ahead & cut them out so we can put them in ABC order. That's where the glue may come in handy. The individual letters could then be glued onto another colorful piece of paper.
Enjoy! s.b.


  1. Love this idea! You could also put the paper on a cookie tray and then the magnets would stick and hold the paper down.

  2. This is very fun! i want to do this!
    Your M&M's are so darn cute!
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  3. I'll have to do this with my son

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  4. What a clever idea! I will definitely be visiting your site for craft ideas for my son.

  5. What a cute idea!
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  9. So fun! I'm looking forward to my son getting old enough to do stuff like this (not that I want him to grow up too fast though)!

  10. What a great activity! Just wanted to let you know I featured you on Tot Tuesdays this week!

  11. I love this! How clever. I bet the children had great fun seeing the "Magic"!!! And what a nice way to learn the alphabet!!

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  12. wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing.