Brown Grocery Bag Shopping List

Both of my girls seem to enjoy the grocery store these days. M1 just likes throwing random things into the cart when she sees something she's interested in. Because of this, I decided to let her create her own grocery "list" so we had something for her to follow while we went through the store. My own list was a bit more complete & detailed but this gave her a chance to pick out some things she wanted from the store.

Supplies- *Scissors, *Glue, *Brown Paper Bag, *White Paper, *Grocery Store Ads or Coupons, *Brown Marker
1. Cut out a grocery bag "list" using the brown paper bag as shown below. Paste the brown bag onto a sheet of white paper.
2. Using the brown marker, draw lines down the side of the bag to make it appear dimensional.

4. Give your child some time to browse through the grocery ads & coupon sections to find various items he/she would like to find at the store. I had to explain to M1 that we were looking for things that we normally buy when we're at the store. She did a great job with this & definitely picked out items that were often on our weekly list.
5. As he/she finds things they would like to ad to their grocery bag list, cut them out & place them in a pile set off to the side.
6. Once all the items are cut out & you've got a good amount of items, go ahead & glue them onto the brown paper bag.
7. Now you're ready to make a trip to the grocery store with your little helper. Don't forget the list!!
M1 really enjoyed shopping through the store & finding all of the items she had glued onto her paper bag. Luckily, all of the things she chose were fairly healthy (minus the Froot Loops!) so we didn't have any arguments about her choices!!! Using the grocery ad from that week was also a great perk. All of the items that she chose were on sale!

Enjoy! s.b.


  1. I gave you an award and featured you on my blog!!!! kimboscrafts.blogspot.com

    Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  2. Thanks a million Kim! I wasn't expecting that at all... you are fabulous! Glad your little one loves our projects too! xo s.b.

  3. Thank you for bringing your hodgepodge to the party! Will be drawing the winners soon!