I was shocked to find out that I received my first blogger award this weekend! A fabulous follower & fellow blogger Kim @ A Girl and a Glue Gun passed the award on to me & I feel so honored!
Sorry, no acceptance speech but I am supposed to share 10 things about myself & pass this award on to another fellow blogger, which I will do towards the end of this post.

Now, 10 things about me...my husband would be much better at this than I am. (He's always got something interesting to say!)
1. Each of my family members' names begin with a consonant, followed by an "ar"... Sara, Gary, etc.
2. I am addicted to sugar (candy, desserts, cookies)... I eat pretty healthy & work out to justify all the sugar I eat in a day.
3. In high school, I was a tour guide @ Lambeau Field although we do not live in Green Bay now.
4. We're in the process of trying to sell our home & will be re-locating due to a new career opportunity for my husband.
5. I am a teacher but CAN NOT stand the thought of chalk...instant goose bumps!
6. I love television & I watch it way too much once my kiddos are asleep. Private Practice, Parenthood, Cougar Town & anything reality.
7. I eat the same breakfast (a bowl of Kashi cereal) & lunch (Vanilla yogurt mixed w/ more cereal) every day.
8. My hands are always cold & even turn purple due to Raynaud's Syndrome. It got me out of doing recess duty for many years!
9. I love Thursdays because it's the day that the new USWeekly arrives in my mail box. It's great nap time reading.
10. I really do enjoy all the kids crafts that we create... sometimes even more than M1 & M2.

Ok, so now I pass the award on to Michelle over @ Dilly Dally & Flitter She has some amazing posts on her blog featuring great projects for all!  With all the crafts for little ones we're always doing around here I can use a good "mom" project every now & then.
I have a few Earth Day projects to post in a week or so, but Michelle has a head start on reusing! I know you all have these laying around your house....
So why not turn them into this...

Head on over to her site for the full tutorial.
Her blog isn't necessarily for little ones like s.b.creatively but I'll be posting a kids project similar to this one (using similar recycleable containers) the week of Earth Day.
Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. AWWWh! Great! thanks so much Sara... I am honoured and will pass it forward! Now just to analyze and reveal 10 interesting things about me... oh crud...! :) You made my sunday, thanks so much!
    I'll be back often, great projects and inspiration to do with the kiddos....We just made slime today and was a big big hit with my boys!

    Let's stay in touch!