Hand Print Butterfly

We haven't spotted any butterflies around our yard just yet, it's a bit too early... But never to early to make one of our own!
We made this one yesterday using simple supplies that we had in our craft area in the basement.

Supplies- *Patterned  & Solid Colored Paper, *1 Large Craft Stick, *A Pen/Pencil, *Glue, *Paint, *Paint Brush, *A Pipe Cleaner, *Sequence, *Black Marker, *Small piece of ribbon/string, *Tape (not pictured)
1. Allow your child some time to paint the craft stick with their choice of color. M1 chose green, so then I picked out some matching paper scraps to use for the wings.
2. While the craft stick is drying a bit, begin tracing your child's hand four times. We traced two matching pairs; a patterned pair & a solid pink pair. 
3. Cut out each of the four hand prints. Depending on how old your child is, he/she may wish to cut them out on his/her own. M1 is really into cutting scraps, but not able to cut out things just yet. 
4. Help your little one glue the four hands together. (As shown below)
5. Glue the craft stick right in the middle of the hand prints.
6. Glue the sequence onto the butterfly wings for a little added fun. We had some small white sequence in our craft area that we decided to use to help give the butterfly some detail. If you don't have sequence, some other ideas that would give the same effect would be the circle scraps from a hole punch, small dried beans, rice or pasta.
7. Use the marker to create two dot eyes & a smile.
8. Cut the pipe cleaner to your desired length & fasten them to the back of the butterfly head with a piece of tape.
(Optional) 9. Using another small piece of tape to attach the string to the back of the butterfly. I decided to add the string so M1 could hang the butterfly from a small hook in her bedroom.
Done! Hopefully your little one is as proud of her creation as M1! It's fun seeing how excited she gets about her projects & she loves telling everyone about them. After we finished this butterfly & before taking the picture below she said, "Mommy you have to take my picture so we can see it on the blog." She's got the routine down!!! 
P.S. Welcome U Create followers! I'm so excited to have my blog featured on her site this week!!!
Enjoy! s.b.

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