Yesterday while I was giving our soap container a refill, I got the idea to cut the label off & give M1 a chance to decorate it herself. She was a little unsure at first, but had fun giving the bottle a little personalization. She was especially excited to show Daddy when he got home. I also found that she's extra excited about washing...bonus!

~Supplies: *White paper, *Hand Soap Bottle (With the plastic shrink label cut off), *Markers, *Stickers, *Packing tape, Scissors

To Begin - 1. Measure the soap bottle to see how big your drawing surface should be. (Measure both around the bottle & the height of the flat surface on the bottle) Then go ahead & cut the piece of white paper to size.
2. Give your child the markers/stickers to begin decorating. (We spelled out the word WASH with our alphabet stickers... obviously optional.) (Pic #2-3)
3. Once he/she is finished wrap the paper around the bottle & secure with a small piece of tape to hold in place. Once it's in place wrap the bottle with the large packaging tape, covering the paper completely. The tape should act as a barrier to protect the paper from water/soap.
4. Happy Washing!

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