Dr. Seuss Memory Game

This turned out to be a really fun game for M1 & it used minimal supplies. M1 just recently learned how to play memory, so after all the Dr. Seuss reading it was exciting to play this version. I have ZERO artistic talent, so you'll have to excuse my drawings. I chose the Dr. Seuss icons that I found easiest to draw. If you have more of a knack for that, go ahead & draw some more fun ones!

~Supplies: *White paper cut into 2 inch squares, *Markers/Crayons, *Scissors

To Begin - 1. Use markers to draw Dr. Seuss icons on the white game cards. Whatever you decide to draw, remember you need to make 2 of each. I chose six fairly easy to sketch pairs... Red Fish, Blue Fish, Green Eggs & Ham, Red/white Cat Hat, Thing 1 & Thing 2.
2. Once you've got them completed you are then ready to play the game. Enjoy!

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  1. Very fun, thanks for the idea, I will play this with my kids tomorrow:)!