Leprechaun Hat

St. Patricks Day is creeping up on us & I need to get the crafts going! Here we created a tiny leprechaun hat  for "Teddy." M1 thought it was so funny that Teddy had a leprechaun hat on his little head. In fact, Teddy has been sharing the hat with all the other animals/dolls in the house. They've all tried it on! Many more fun St. Patty's Day things to come... check back over the next week & a half.

~Supplies: *1 Toilet Paper Roll, *Green Tissue Paper (Check your Christmas bags/paper), *Green construction paper *Scissors, *Glue, *Small black strip of felt (You could use blk paper), *Small yellow foam square (Again, use what you have if you don't have foam) *Cardboard (We used a cereal box)

To Begin - 1. Cut the tissue paper into small 1-2 inch squares.
2. Begin by placing glue all over the roll & allowing your child to place the green squares all over the tube until it is covered & green. (Pic. #2) When she was done, I folded the edges that hung over inside the tube.
3. Glue the black strip around the bottom of the green tube & add the yellow "buckle" over the top. (Pic. #3)
4. Cut out a circle using the green construction paper. (Approx. 4in. diameter) This will be the base of the hat. Once you've got a good size circle, glue it to the cardboard, (Pic. #4) & cut it out.
5. Place a large amount of glue around the bottom of the toilet paper roll. (Right along the black belt near the bottom.) Place the "hat" onto the green base & allow at least an hour  for the glue to set.
6. Try the hat on all your family friends around the house! Enjoy. s.b.

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