Paper Plate Pot of Gold

M1 calls this her Pot of Gold Purse... I guess it does resemble a purse a bit. Lots of steps but a great finished product. Give it a try!

~Supplies: *Paper Plate, *Glue, *Scissors, *Stappler, *Black Paint, *Paint Brush *Cardboard (cereal box), *Yellow Construction Paper, *Glitter (optional), *Black Sting/Ribbon

To Begin - 1. Cut  the paper plate in half through the middle & staple together around the outside edge. (Picture #2)
2. Allow your child to paint both sides of the "pot" black using a small paint brush. I layed out some paper underneath, it was a bit messy!
3. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter on the pot & allow to dry.
4. As the pot is drying, create the "gold" using the yellow construction paper & cardboard. (We used a Cheerios box since a large part of it was already yellow.) Cut out 1-2 inch circles around the box. Cover the  brown side of the coins with yellow construction paper. (Finished coins in Pic. #4) Another option would be  to paint the coins yellow. Either would be fine.
5. Tape/tie the ribbon to each corner of the pot & have fun carrying it around!

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