Easter Bunny Dinner Buddy

Isn't this guy so cute? He's the perfect dinner companion for M1 & definitely created some great conversation at the table. My inspiration for this little friend can be found HERE. I do not own a sewing machine nor do I have all that felt so, I decided to use materials I have in our house to make something very similar & way less work! M1's assistance was fairly minimal for this project. She did stand right next to me the entire time & definitely had fun helping me put the pieces together.

Supplies- *1 White Pillow Case, *White Card Stock (or anything a little heavier than normal), *Black & Pink Construction Paper, *2- 7in. Pieces of Black Ribbon, *Glue Gun, *Scissors.

1. I started by cutting out two large ears. I just cut out two tear drop shapes by hand, using the pillowcase to judge for appropriate size. They ended up being approx. 11 inches tall.
2. Cut out two matching pink tear drops that are just a bit smaller than the white. Glue them onto the white "ears."
3. Now for the little pieces. Using the black paper, cut out two egg shaped eyes (Length-3 inches) & six skinny wiskers, each about 5 inches long. Then with the pink, cut two circles & a triangle nose. And finally, using some of the white paper scraps, cut out two small circles for the center of the eyes.
4. Now that all the cutting is finished, you can start putting your bunny together. Start by gluing the ears onto the top, closed side of the pillow case. Continue on gluing the remaining pieces of the face into place.
5. Once the glue is all set & dry, go ahead & pull the pillow case on over the back of a chair. If the case is a bit too long like mine was, just fold the excess under.
Fairly easy & doesn't involve any sewing, just the way I like it!!
Enjoy! s.b.

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