March Came in Like a Lion & is Leaving Us Like a Lamb...

Can you believe it is the end of March already???
This is a project my partner teacher came up with while we were co-teaching Kindergarten. We hung them all in the hallway outside our classroom to display during the month of March. It goes along with the popular saying, "In like a lion & out like a lamb," in regards to March weather. I talked to M1 about the concept of this common weather phrase, she understood the basics & really just wanted to make a lion! I intended on painting her hand (both brown & black) & stamping it on the paper to create the bodies but she "really didn't want her hand painted mom!" So that's when the construction paper came into play. But painting would be a fun option if your child is felling up to it. 
Supplies - *White, Black, Brown, Yellow Construction Paper, *Scissors, *Glue, *Several Cotton Balls, *Black Marker, *Google Eyes, *Brown Pipe Cleaner
1. Begin by tracing your child's hand on the black paper (lamb) & on the brown paper (lion). Cut out each of the hands.
2. Allow your child to begin gluing the cotton all over the lamb. Before we started gluing, M1 also helped me break the cotton balls apart a bit so they weren't so bulky.
3. Glue one google eye on the head (aka thumb) of the lamb.
4. Glue the lamb & blank brown hand onto a large piece of white paper.
5. Draw a small lion face on the thumb of the brown hand, adding the google eyes.
6. Cut out several (10-12) small yellow strips of paper & allow your child to place them around the lion's head to creat the mane.
7. Trim the brown pipe cleaner to the appropriate size & help your child glue it to the back of the lion.
8. M1 wanted to add grass to her picture, so she created some of her own using a green crayon. Clouds, a sun & some other scenery could be added also. Once the grass was done, M1's attention was completely spent... on to the next activity!

A fun project to complete just as March is about to leave us & go "out like a lamb!"

Enjoy! s.b.

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