Paper Egg Wreath

I had no idea a wreath made entirely of paper could turn out so cute! In fact, I wish we had made a few more so we could give them to each set of Grandparents as little Easter gifts, which I still may do. I hung this wreath right on the front door & it looks very festive. Even better is the fact that both M1 & M2 did their part for this one.
Supplies- *Paper Ring (Made using a piece of white paper or a paper plate), *Pastel Colored Construction Paper*Scissors, *Glue, *Dot Painters, *Large Egg Shaped Cookie Cutter, *Pencil, *Small Piece of Bright Colored Ribbon (not pictured)
~The dot painters were purchased @ Michaels. They are very similar to bingo daubers but come in fun colors. If you do not have dot painters, you could cut out small circles using construction paper to get a similar look or have your child decorate the eggs with markers, stickers, or whatever else you can find.
1. Start by cutting out the white paper ring. Ours was approx. 10 1/2 inches in diameter.
2. Use the cookie cutter to trace 13-14 egg shapes on several different colored pastel construction paper. (Again, if you don't have an egg shaped cutter, you can always cut them out free hand.) Cut out the eggs.
3. Then the eggs are ready to be decorated. We gave both M1 & M2 a chance do paint the dots on the eggs. It was fun for them use the different colors to "dress up" the eggs.
4. After allowing a few minutes for the paint to dry, begin gluing the eggs around the white ring. Remember to alternate colors. We chose to leave one of each color egg undecorated so there would be a break in the polka dots. M1 helped me choose the pattern, never letting two of the same color touch.
5. Use a scissors or hole punch to creat a small hole at the top of the wreath. String the ribbon through the hole & knot.
6. Hang from a door, in a window or where ever you wish.
A great project for the weekend, Enjoy! s.b.

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