Let the Games Begin!!!

We are all very excited for the Olympics to start. M&M obviously don't really understand, but I thought if I got some crafts going it might make things a little more fun. Today we created silver medals (too bad aluminum foil doesn't come in gold!!) & an Olympic torch. Both very simple & easy projects made from everyday supplies that you probably have laying around the house.

~Olympic Medal Supplies: *Cardboard - cut into circles (3-4 in.) *Aluminum foil *Red, blue, or white ribbon *Scotch tape
To Begin-1.Once you've got the circles cut out, simply wrap the cardboard with foil & tape the back to secure.
2.Measure the ribbon to fit over your child's head & fasten onto the back with tape. (Hot glue would probably work best if you have it available)

~Olympic Torch Supplies: *Paper towel roll *Aluminum foil *Scotch tape *Red, orange, yellow tissue paper (Cut in half)
To Begin-1.Wrap the towel roll with aluminum foil. I folded the edges over the top & taped the seam so it wouldn't tear.
2. Lay the pieces of tissue paper on top of one another & bunch up one end. (about 5-6 inches )
3.Push the bunched up end into the towel roll. It should fit pretty tight if you use 4-5 sheets of tissue paper. (You could also put some glue on the bunched up end before putting it into the roll. Let dry.)
Be sure to turn on the opening ceremonies tonight & let your child parade around the house with his/her torch!! s.b.

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