Valentine's Day Pretzels

Ok, here we go! My first official blog post as s.b.creatively! We'll see how this progresses as the time passes. For those of you who frequent my personal blog, this post will be a repeat. (Sorry for that.) In honor of Valentines Day, yesterday we decided to make heart shaped pretzels. I found the recipe here @ Food Network. They turned out so well & it was definitely a fun project for M&M. It was especially fun for M1, she loved being able to assist with all the different steps, such as painting the olive oil onto the parchment paper & rolling out the dough. Watching the pretzels in the boiling H2O also created a whole lot of excitement. We'll definitely make these again very soon. Maybe shamrocks next month for St. Patty's day??!! Let me know if you decide to give it a try... comments ENCOURAGED!!! s.b.


  1. Love the pretzel idea (and all the others!). Will be trying the pretzels this weekend!!

  2. You did a great job, especially since it's the first time you've tried them. The girls look happy with the results too!!!