Sweet Heart Treats

Ok, so this might be more of a mom project but M1 had a ton of fun helping & decorating herself. I have a new love for baking & decorating cookies. (I will post the baby shower cookies again soon.) I found a great recipe HERE that I just love. They are easy & freeze well. These hearts were made a few weeks ago & taken out of the freezer yesterday to be frosted. I started by frosting a "base" layer. Then I mixed more frosting & put it into bottles that I purchased @ Michael's. If you don't have them, you can put the frosting in a ziploc bag & cut the corner off... which also works well if you're doing it yourself, not if you're allowing your toddler to decorate! M1 did take her turn decorating a few of her cookies. (If you look closely @ the top of picture #3, you'll see a few of her masterpieces!) Then I placed them in clear plastic bags (also found @ Michael's) & tied with a white ribbon. We're looking forward to delivering our valentine treats to friends later today. Enjoy! s.b.


  1. These are adorable! I love the cookie recipe, too. What kind of frosting do you use?

  2. These are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your recipe for Sweet Thursday!