Just in time to get one more cute kids craft in before the big holiday tomorrow. This one is pretty easy & takes little time to complete. (minus drying time) I added a magnet to the back & it made a great fridge magnet. M1 is so proud of her work & was happy to display it on the fridge. You could also glue a ribbon to it & hang to display. Perfect little last minute valentine for someone!

~Supplies: *4 craft sticks, *Glue, *A picture of your child, *Conversation hearts, *Magnet or ribbon
To Begin- 1. Glue the four sticks together as shown in picture #1. I would give this a few minutes to dry so the sticks don't move while you're working with the frame.
2.Once it's dry, go ahead & place dots of glue around the frame & allow your child to place the hearts around the frame. If they are anything like M1 it went like this... place one on the frame, eat one, place one on the frame, etc. She'd do projects all day if they always included candy!
3.Once finished, I would let this set for at least an hour, if not more so it dries completely. Then go ahead & cut/glue your picture to the back, add a magnet & you've got yourself one very festive frame.!

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