Here is another Olympic craft that M1 & her friend H (pictured above) made a few days ago during a playdate. They really enjoyed doing the project together & of course displaying the end products. They did much better with this than I had thought & they turned out pretty cute. A great kids craft that includes some shape recognition. Having a craft to complete during a playdate is a great way to keep the kids busy with a variety of different activities. It works great when they've had enough of free play & are ready for a change of scenery. I think H had a great time with this craft & he was so happy to go home with his creation... excited to show daddy.

~Supplies: *Blue, yellow, black, green & red construction paper, cut into 5 different shapes, *1 large piece of white paper, *Crayons, *Glue, *A cup/bowl for tracing, *Scissors
To Begin- 1. Cut out different shapes with each of the 5 pieces of construction paper (Picture #1) & place them in piles according to their shape/color. My shapes were about 1 1/2 inches tall/long.
2.Next, use a cup/bowl to trace the 5 rings with a crayon creating a "stencil" of the 5 Olympic rings (Pic. #2).
3.Once you're ready for your child to start placing the shapes on the rings, you should outline the 1st ring with glue. (I started on the left with the blue ring.) Give your child the blue pile of shapes & allow them to place the shapes around the ring.
4.Repeat with the remaining rings/shape piles, working from left to right & only outlining one ring @ a time with glue. (This helps & keeps them from gluing multiple colors on one ring.)
5.Allow some time to dry & display!

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  1. Great idea, Sara! You are very creative and an excellent teacher! I wish I was teaching younger ones to do this with them or my children were younger. Thanks... I will refer this sight to other teachers... Theresa