Paper Plate Snowman


M1 & I brought our crafting to a friend's house this week. We arrived with all of our supplies & were ready to go! M1 was not interested in making her snowman craft at all... she was WAY more concerned with all of the new toys @ P's house. But P on the other hand, was very excited & eager to have his picture taken while he made his snowman. (I did bribe M1 into finishing her snowman as the morning progressed.) Again, not many supplies for this project, but oodles of fun.

~Supplies: *Paper plate, *Cotton balls, *Glue, *Black, orange & red construction paper

To Begin- 1. Cut out 6-7 circles for the snowman eyes/mouth, a black hat, orange triangle "carrot" nose & a red strip for the hat. Set aside.
2. Turn the plate with the serving side down & cover with glue. Allow your child to place the cotton balls all over, covering the entire plate.
3. Once the plate is completely covered place glue on each of the eyes & have him/her place them on the snowman. Continue with the mouth, carrot nose, hat & red belt for the hat.
4. Allow some time to dry laying down before displaying.

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