Paper Ice Skate

I think this will be the last of the Olympic crafts, but one never knows... maybe I'll dream something up this week. With ice skating all over the t.v. we've been talking about it daily, so this seemed like a perfect project for the weekend. We also went skating downtown as a family last weekend. M1 was very happy to decorate her skate & string the skate laces "all by herself."

~Supplies: *Blue, white & black construction paper, *Scissors, *Glue, *Crayons or Markers, *String/ribbon, *Hole punch.

To Begin- 1. Cut a boot shape out of the white piece of paper & punch 6-7 holes for the laces. Also cut out a skate using the black paper. (Pic #1)
2. Give your child some time to decorate his/her skate.
3. Once it's decorated, go ahead & let him/her thread the ribbon through the holes. I started by placing the end of the ribbon through the 1st hole near the toe & tied a knot there so it wouldn't slip out. Then I handed it over to M1 to do the rest. (Pic #2) When she was finished I fascened the end of the ribbon to the back side of the boot using a piece of tape. (You could glue it also.)
4. With your child's assistance, glue the boot/skate onto the base paper & allow to dry.

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