Marshmallow Mouth Puppet

I've decided to do some kid activities/crafts this week in honor of February & Dental Health Month. Yes, we are all crazy teeth brushing/flossing fanatics because of Aunt K who is a dental hygenist. She keeps us on our toes & really gets the girls excited about dental hygene. This house has more tootbrushes than most & lots of fun extras too. Did you know that there are special suckers that are actually good for your teeth? How fun is that? Activity #1 is this mouth puppet that I dreamed up over the weekend. It turned out much better than I expected & M1 just loves it.

~Supplies: *Manilla Folder or 1 piece of paper folded in half, *Marshmallows, *Glue, *Small piece of red construction paper, *2 craft sticks, *Scissors

To Begin- 1. Use the manilla folder to cut out a half circle. This will be the base of the "mouth." I used the folder which worked great, but you could also use a thicker piece of paper & just fold in in half.
2. Glue the 2 craft sticks onto the side with the fold. One craft stick on each side as seen in pic #2. I put something heavier on top of it for a few minutes to help it dry flat.
3. While it's drying, cut out a small tongue. (If you don't have red paper, you could have your child draw a red tongue on the inside once it's dry.)
4. When dry, open up the mouth & lay flat. Glue in the tongue on one side of the circle & then begin w/ the "teeth." To make it easier for M1, I placed dots of glue around the outside of the mouth where she then placed each of marshmallows on her own. (Pic #3 & 4)
5. Give ample drying time before using it as a puppet. We let ours sit for about an hour. Use the sticks (one in each hand, moving up & down) to make your puppet talk!

Watch M1 demonstrate how her newly created puppet works

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