Delicious Summer Baking...

The girls enjoyed these this week for a fun summer treat...
Made by a friend & I thought they were soooo cute.

The base of the sandal is a Nutter Butter Cookie.
Spread a small amount of frosting over the top of the cookie to help secure a fruit roll-up piece to add some color for the base of the shoe.
Then topped off with some more frosting to hold the Sour Straws into place as the strap of the flip-flop.

If the flip-flop's don't look like something you'd like, you could give these a try...
Don't they look so cute?! You can find the recipe HERE on Shutterfly's blog.
They look easy enough & don't require any odd ingredients. (Always a plus!)
What a great idea to add green "glaze" for the rind.
I can not wait to give them a try with M & M. It would be a perfect project for a rainy day like today if I didn't have so much laundry to catch up on! Maybe later this week...
Too cute & yet so easy to create... I'm sure they'd be a hit with any little one!

Enjoy! s.b.


  1. Your dishes are really delicious. I never designed food or dishes on this way. Your work seems that you are really very talented to do this type of work.

  2. This post may be very old but still worth reading in this summer 2018.