My Five Senses Activity

I've said it before... my kids love cutting & cutting out of magazines. Here is a five senses activity that we dreamed up while crafting this week.
Supplies- Magazines, Scissors, Marker, Glue Stick/Glue, Construction Paper
1. Write "My 5 Senses" across the top of the construction paper.
2. Begin searching through the magazines to find & cut out pictures of the body parts that go along with each of the senses... Eyes, Ears, Nose, Fingers, Mouth (One picture of each.)
M1 cutting out an eye...
3. Glue each of the body parts down the side of the paper as shown below.
4. Now back to the magazines to find & cut out the objects that we use our five senses for.
Example, below M1 found a vaccuum which we can hear with our ears, a hamburger that she can taste with her mouth, etc.
5. Glue the objects directly across from the body part we use our senses to identify.
6. M1 really wanted to draw a line from the "senses" to the objects on the right hand side...pictured below.
Here she is showing off her finished product. She taught M2 all about her senses afterwards. It was a mini lesson for her as well! A conversation I should have video taped. Too cute!
 Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. What a great idea! My 4 year old is into cutting pictures out of magazines lately. I think I'll use this for a 5 senses preschool lesson.